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The Four Pillars are the foundation of quarterback training. They are used by FINCH QB Training players and coaches to maximize performance output.


There is more to being a high-level athlete than just mechanics. The proper kinematic sequencing and perfect timing have to be achieved in every throw in order to be successful. High-level sports are tough, and it is crucial to reinforce good habits before the bullets start flying. FINCH QB Training's goal is to help quarterbacks reach maximum performance output, both in-game and off. Here are the Four Pillars needed to unlock your true potential:



It all starts with the kinematic sequence. Every throw must be mechanically sound in order to deliver an efficient throw. We walk our players through the basics by showing them the importance of weight transfer, sequencing, and the total understanding of generating rotational velocity 




Being a competitive thrower isn't all about bench press and back squats. The focus must be on cross-specific rotational/anti-rotational exercises, along with a heavy emphasis on inner-core stability. FINCH QB Training  players use the "The Structure": Once Flexibility, mobility, and stability are achieved, you can then add
"The Contents": Endurance + Strength + Stamina.


Arm care is a critical component when it comes to quarterbacks. Being able to efficiently execute without pain is the ultimate goal. Any ROM issues, tightness, or imbalance in the shoulder or arm can alter the way the kinematic sequence flows. We teach our players how to keep the golden arm conditioned and ready for anything.  


Quarterbacks are highly competitive and cerebral positions. Having a gun for an arm is great...but if the crowd, negative self-talk, or the feeling of unreadiness takes control, your arm does not matter. We teach you how to manage the mental, cognitive, and emotional barriers.

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