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Under the Radar: QB Profile - Ethan Chambers

Name: Ethan Chambers

School: Catholic Central Crusaders

Position: Quarterback

Summer Team: London Jr. Mustangs

2018 Stats: 3,000 yards, 20 passing touchdowns, and 8 rushing

Hudl Tape:

Ethan Chambers is a quarterback who could easily be on our previous “Top Quarterbacks of Class 2020” Blog. We thought he was class of 2021… oops. Chambers is deadly accurate and has an innate ability to make efficient throws under pressure. It is also impressive the way he can make throws without his feet set. Check the 30-second mark in his Junior season tape on hudl. He is coachable, and from a development standpoint, he strong mechanically. It’s evident in his film that he uses his lower body and core as the vehicle that drives his throw.

Yesterday, we asked Chambers some questions:

What makes you stand out as a Quarterback?

“What makes me stand out is how I stay calm through games. I don’t get frustrated if I make a mistake, the ‘next play’ mentality.”

What are your top 3 schools?

“My top 3 schools right now are Windsor, Guelph, and Western.”

Why do you want to play at the next level?

“I want to play at the next level because I love football and I am confident that I can compete at that level. It will also allow me to get my degree while playing the sport I love.”

Ethan Chambers has what it takes to play at the next level, and if he continues to progress in regards to arm strength and velocity - he will be a gunslinger at the next level.

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