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Top Quarterbacks - Class of 2020

Top Quarterbacks Ontario Class of 2020

Below are the top four QBs to watch out for in the class of 2020. Please note these are not in any particular order.

Keagan Hall - Nelson High School #16


6’4 - 200lbs

29 TDS 3 ints 298 yards per game 65% completions

Keagan Hall has a quick release and is a mature kid with deadly accuracy. Mechanically, he is very efficient. His ability to read and recognize coverages and fronts is something most high school quarterbacks don’t have. Hall’s ability to extend plays with his eyes down-field is another plus. The Nelson Lords run a complex, Canadian university-style offence with full-field progressions.

One-word assessment: Leader Best route to throw: Field side corner

Evan Hillock - St. Thomas More #4


6’3 - 180lbs

111/177 - 1700 yds - 16 tds

Arm strength is very evident when watching Evan Hillock play. He is a dual-sport athlete playing both football and baseball. Hillock lead the St. Thomas More Knights to be the #1 team in Canada, capping off an undefeated season. It is worth noting that he unlocks his whole kinematic sequence when he throws. This means that he generates power through the ground up and out through the arm - nothing is left behind.

One-word assessment: Velocity Best route to throw: Field side comeback

Mike Warner - Cambridge Lions & Rabun Gap-Nacoochee (GA) #17


6’2 - 200lbs

Mike Warner is a relentless player. He played this past season in Georgia at Rabun Gap Prep where he played both QB/SS. Warner is a balanced quarterback with good accuracy and velocity. His speed is deceiving - he can tuck it down when needed and get yards with his feet. Warner’s development is outstanding. He continues to progress fast as an elite-level quarterback.

One-word assessment: Athletic Best route to throw: Boundary Post

#14 Quincy Vaughn - MacNab Lions, Clarkson Football North


6’5 - 232lbs

Quincy Vaughn has great measurable and, based on the tape, it is evident he has a big arm. He has no issue making tough throws in small windows. Playing against high-level American competition, Vaughn is a competitor who's development will continue to grow. What is also noticeable is his ability to work gap escapes and use his legs to extend plays. His skill-set is suited for both the American and Canadian game.

One-word assessment: Gunslinger Route: Field side vertical route

We are currently reviewing QBs for the class of 2021. Stay tuned.

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